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Blogger event.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spent the night sipping drinks and dancing with kJohn at The Griffin for a private blogger party. 

What I'm wearing: Black silk mini dress, Vintage gold throw, Black Forever21 headband, Rebecca Minkoff Leopard MAC bag.

After party at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting ready for Rose Bar..

What I'm wearing:

Black AA crop top, Black vintage lace skirt layered with a black mini skirt under,
Green Shape Shifter jacket with silver spike details, Black strappy Lucky Brand heels,
and vintage silver and black jewls + purse.

So after I got ready (for the second time in one day) It was off to the Rose Bar in The Gramercy Park Hotel 
for the Rebecca Minkoff SS 2012 Collection after party..

Rebecca Minkoff SS2012

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My color palette for the Rebecca Minkoff show was really basic- Kept it very natural with lot's of golds, browns, nudes, with compliments of brass. (Obviously someone is excited for fall..)

I wore a sheer chiffon nude dress from American Apparel maxi dress, a black mini skirt layered underneath, a vintage fur vest, vintage brown leather belt + boots, and brass colored rings, earrings, and rings.

Last year during fashion week I made the mistake of taking the subway to meet Austin for the Ruffian show and made it within seconds. This year I decided to not made the mistake and called for a car to pick us up. Obviously, we made sure we had an ice coffee for the ride..

There was an insane amount of traffic which delayed us more than we thought. We ended up pulling up to Lincoln Center at 1:20.. 20 minutes after the show should have started. We quickly hoped out the car and raced inside to find out the the Rebecca Minkoff show was closed.. until they opened the door for us. Yep, we were the last people to enter the show- Not even 30 seconds into walking in the room and it was show time.

The SS2012 collection was beautiful. Exactly what I want to wear when I think of Spring and Summer... floral, silks, chiffons, neons, and of course, see-through sheers. 

My first purchase for the new collection will be the Large Studded Affair bag.
With my luck, it's available right off the runway (one of the only two items to be)

After the show we ran into our friends Kadeem and Mihal. Snapped these quick little photos..

After that, it was time for a much needed brunch. Austin and I parked ourselves on Bedford Ave. at Fabiane's.

Who doesn't love the free stuff in Lincoln Square? ;)

Next blog post will be for the after party!

New York, New York. So nice they named it twice.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wearing: White vintage dress. Thrifted.

Last night on the train home from my first day of work I met two young men. I never would have known they were from France as they sat there with their skate boards and worn out jeans; looking like any New York City boy. It wasn’t until one of the boys took out his camera and asked me if he could take my photograph that I had to ask where they were from. They were fresh off the plane from Paris and immediately we all had so much in common. I ended up inviting them into Williamsburg so I could bring them to the water front where they would be amazed by the Manhattan sky line. We all had a really amazing night.. I wish more New Yorkers would put their guard down and give strangers a chance. Not everyone here is a asshole. Not everyone here has alterior motives. Some people are genuine, you just have to have a little faith in people and people might have faith in you too.

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