Sunkissed.. (with red lipstick)

Day #2 away on vacation and my skin is feeling the wrath of not using sunblock! Typically I wouldn’t opt for green to pair with red (yes, I am referring to the shade of my skin) but I couldn’t wait to wear this little top!

What I’m Wearing:
Vintage bustier top and sheer floral maxi from Beacons Closet
All jewelry collected from random flea-markets and thrift stores
American Apparel bathing suit bottoms layered under the skirt




  1. says

    dude, i LOVE this outfit. that little green top is THE prettiest. i think i must pin one of these right now…don’t worry, i’ll link it back, sweet pea. xo.

  2. says

    If I had the chance to have any single person’s closet in the entire world, it would be yours. I seriously cannot get enough of your style posts. Definitely my biggest inspiration. <3

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