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In the suburbs with The Smiths

archive, stylenicolealyse

My weekends upstate are always much needed. Every now and then I need an escape from the crazy big lo' New York City, so back to the suburbs I go! There's nothing better than being in the car, sipping an ice coffee, listening to the shitty radio, and going thirting/garage saleing surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. 

Thrifting in small towns rather than big cities is perfect for a t-shirt snob like myself. Most people in the suburbs look at the t-shirts that I find to be gold, as old rags. I nearly died when I found this authentic Smiths tank marked for one dollar! ONE DOLLAR, PEOPLE! This shirt is worth easily $200.00- silly suburban folks! The reason these shirts are worth so much are because they are original- not the shitty re-make of band shirts you can now get at F21, Urban, etc. I would rather walk around naked than wear one of those. It's basically the same thing as wearing a knock off designer bag.. just, why? Such disrespect and discredit to the designer or band. Clearly, this is a passionate and touchy topic for me.. so I'll end it here!

What I'm Wearing:
Vintage The Smiths tank/dress from thrifted from Salvation Army |
BCBG booties | Vanessa Mooney jewels | 
Karen Walker sunnies from Revolve Clothing

Oh, hello my new Karen Walker babies.. 
Never taking these sunnies off!