In the suburbs with The Smiths

My weekends upstate are always much needed. Every now and then I need an escape from the crazy big lo’ New York City, so back to the suburbs I go! There’s nothing better than being in the car, sipping an ice coffee, listening to the shitty radio, and going thirting/garage saleing surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. 

Thrifting in small towns rather than big cities is perfect for a t-shirt snob like myself. Most people in the suburbs look at the t-shirts that I find to be gold, as old rags. I nearly died when I found this authentic Smiths tank marked for one dollar! ONE DOLLAR, PEOPLE! This shirt is worth easily $200.00- silly suburban folks! The reason these shirts are worth so much are because they are original- not the shitty re-make of band shirts you can now get at F21, Urban, etc. I would rather walk around naked than wear one of those. It’s basically the same thing as wearing a knock off designer bag.. just, why? Such disrespect and discredit to the designer or band. Clearly, this is a passionate and touchy topic for me.. so I’ll end it here!

What I’m Wearing:
Vintage The Smiths tank/dress from thrifted from Salvation Army |
BCBG booties | Vanessa Mooney jewels | 
Karen Walker sunnies from Revolve Clothing

Oh, hello my new Karen Walker babies.. 
Never taking these sunnies off!


  1. says

    i want your sunglasses! thirfting in small towns is the best. you always find the best items, i think. i always do my thirfting in the suburbs of my town!

    lindsey louise

  2. says

    Lucky you. It’s great to find something original and unique and cheap at the same time.
    Great sunglasses.

    I’m following you via bloglovin.
    Have a nice week :)

  3. says

    Love your vintage t-shirt and how you’ve styled it!! And I agree about thrifting in smaller cities & towns…my roommate got me a vintage Diane von Furstenburg dress in a small town Goodwill for $10 – insane! Your sunglasses are amazing too :)
    Now following you as well!!


  4. says

    Those Karen Walker sunglasses practically have me drooling over here (TMI? Probably…)
    Also, fucking suburban people, they have no clue what’s a good find and what’s not! Love the new tee. I feel the same way about all of those hideously overpriced F21 and UO t-shirt knock offs. Drives me craaaaazy.

  5. says

    Ooo good thing you got the original Smiths tank dress! And those sunglasses–ahhh absolutely gorgeous :)now following you too.

  6. says

    Hi sweety!
    thanks for the follow!!
    I am loving your style so I’m following as well :)

    In love with this look and sunnies!!! just wow!

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