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The Start Of Fall Layers..

archive, stylenicolealyse
Is that Fall in the air I'm feeling? I reckon it is! Time to start pairing off all your cute summer dresses with your favorite light jackets!  Yesterday I knew immediately upon awakening and feeling a slightly cooler New York City breeze- it was now my chance to start with my light fall layers. I know I'm jumping the gun here with my vest and all.. but any chance I get to wear it I take full advantage! Plus, I got my  favorite assessor, an ice espresso, to keep me cool just incase. 

I love the idea of mixing feminine and masculine items. Pairing your boyfriends favorite button down shirt over a cute mini dress is the perfect way for sexy to meet casual. In the spirt of fashion week, try adding some dramatic twist. I love the way a fur vest can add volume and make a simple outfit now head turning.

What I'm Wearing:
White lace mini dress | Vintage/thrifted 90's GAP mens chambray shirt | Steve Madden bootiesVintage/thrifted vest | Mixed jewels from various thrift stores and Vanessa Mooney
photographs by the lovely Hannah  Rinehart
After work the Socialyte gang headed to the Upper East Side to our new favorite dinner spot, Dopo Teatro. We wined and dined along side with some of our favorite blogger friends to chat about life, fashion, boyfriends, and weird things that are probably (okay, definitely) not suitable for a blog post! The food and drinks are so delish there, that this was our second time there in two week! Clearly, if you couldn't tell, we're all taking that "Fashion Week diet" very seriously. If you're in the area, I highly recommend you stop in! I recommend their Cosmopolitan (uh.. hello. keep the 90's alive!) the of course, a latte along side the tiramisu!

Bon appetit! xo