When Camo Meets Crochet.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the  style posts I document on here aren’t planned or very thought out. 
These are my day to day outfits.. My personal style.
The camo jacket I’m wearing I actually thirfted when I was 16. As much as I love everything oversized, I love how this jacket fits. I found it in the little boys section so it’s much more tailored to my little girly shoulders. So mental thirfters note: Shop all sections! My personal favs are the little boys and plus size woman! Not to mention, the weird looks I get while doing so are priceless. 

What I’m Wearing:
Black crochet fringe dress | Camo jacket from Salvation Army | Fringe bag from Rebecca Minkoff
Belt from L train Vintage | Layers of jewels from Vanessa Mooney | Sunnies by Karen Walker from Revolve Clothing

                                               photographs by the lovely Hannah Rinehart

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