Where Modern Meets Vintage: Crochet Style.

If it’s not already obvious, I’m a huge sucker for crochet everything (mini dresses being number one, of course) The first time I slipped this dress on, I instantly felt like the fanciest table cloth in all of the land! Please note: anything that makes me feel like a table cloth, a grandmas couch, or an old curtain is a good great thing in my book. 
The way that this dress is longer and only has crochet details in the front is not a combo I often see, or.. to think about it, ever really saw before this dress. I was headed to go see Chaplin on Broadway this day so I knew I needed a coat to take with me. I pulled out this little vintage white over jacket with an open crochet back detail and the way they fit together was perfect. Where the dress detail ended, the jacket detail began. I think this is a perfect example of how mixing modern and vintage pieces can truly create a perfect outfit.

What I’m Wearing:
Dress from Anthropologie | Vintage jacket from Beacons Closet | Boots by Steve Madden | Necklace and rings by Vanessa Mooney (and a few vintage finds!) | Sunnies by Karen Walker
Details, Details, Details:


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    Thanks so mush for stopping by my blog, you’re too kind and it means a ton! I LOVE your style, looks so effortless. Following :)

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    You look amazing…i love your outfit!The crochet dress is fantastic.Great blog.Thank you for following,i just follow you back:)Much love

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