Under the influence.

Growing up I was brought up on good ol’ rock and roll. My mother and father, both being musicians, had a very strong effect on my personal style growing up and has become the core of what my style has evolved into. Between the way my parents dressed themselves, down to the personal style of musicians I was brought up listening to, you can say music as a whole is the base of what has inspired my style into what It is today.
Throughout the most influential years of my life I was attached to my dads old photo albums. He has photos upon photos from his old New York City band days which I’d sit at for hours and look at in awe of how effortlessly cool him, my mom, and all their friends looked on stage preforming and just as cool off stage hanging out. 


If you think about it, getting dressed and creating music are a lot alike. You shouldn’t have to think too hard about if something looks good on- or if something sounds good. Style should come natural to one self, as should music. If you have too think too hard about it, It’s probably not a right fit. 
Till this day, music continues to inspire my style. What inspires yours? 
// Check out more of my dads old photos on my guest blog post I did for Jeffrey Campbell!
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  1. says

    Totally makes sense! I try to listen to music when I’m getting dressed. It makes me feel untouchable and confident within myself because it was all based on my mood and what I wanted. I love all these pictures! YOU have such a great blog and style.
    xoxo Debby

  2. says

    This is awesome and I love that you made this post so personal. Your style definitely reflects who you are as a person. My style is inspired from Barbie. This has been forever for me and Barbie is my nickname. I love that she can be herself and be anything she aspires to be so she is my inspiration.

    xo Ashley Marie

  3. says

    Oh, man, a cutoff shirt that says WPLJ “rocks.” I love the way that dates the photo. (Can you imagine any modern musician wearing that?) Anyway, your parents were/are awesome. It’s easy to see echoes of their style in yours.

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