Sunday Morning: Cupcakes & Coffee.

Saturday night I came home to the most wonderful package from my girl LA who owns a clothing line called High Heel Suicide. All her shirts are cute and quirky, simple but statement pieces. Immediately upon opening the package I threw on this cozy white cupcake tank and refused to take it off. My actions leading to waking up sunday morning still wearing it. Theres nothing better than waking up on a sunday, rolling out of a big bed (with all white sheets.. trust me, it makes a difference) and making a cup of coffee while dancing around to records. I have to say, this is the perfect cozy (yet cute!) tank to do such in. What makes a shirt like this so special is after snapping these few photos I left to do some sunday afternoon errands and was already half way dressed. I kept my tank on, slid a high waisted leather skirt over and threw on a giant cozy cardigan- edgy, cute, and comfortable. A perfect day to night (literally) piece for your wardrobe. Use the code BLACKCAT until halloween to get free shipping! xx

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