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Knot just a basic tee.. no, really.

Monday, January 30, 2012

For my last tee for Style Mint week I am featuring the Price tee in tan.
Since I'm not really a typical jeans and basic tee (unless it's a vintage band tee, duh!)
I wanted to do something that really incorporated my personal style..

I started the look off with a nude sheer chiffon dress from American Apparel
(This dress is one of my TOP staples.. also in black!)
I then added black tights and a black mini skirt considering the dress is sheer!

I've never layered a t-shirt over this dress so I wanted to try something new.
Unless it was a huge oversized cut off tee (which I think would look awesome)
I knew this tee had to be cropped! 

Next I threw the Style Mint tee over the dress
then twisted the extra length into a knot right at my waist. 
I added another knot at the bottom of my dress to compliment it.
(OCD.. I know)

This blazer I've owned since I was 16!
I have a huge collection of blazers back from when I'd spend every weekend 
upstate hunting down treasures at every Salvation Army I could get to.

Thrifter tip: 
I found all my blazers in the little boy section of Salvation Army.
If you have tiny shoulders like me the fit is amazing.

My shoes are leopard Foxy's by Jeffrey Campbell.
I wanted to add a P-O-P.. "Pop of Print" ;)

So how could anyone go wrong with 

A. Jeffrey Campbell
B. Leopard

..Exactly, you can't.

Normally I'm a silver accessorie kinda gal 
but some outfits just call for gold!

I added some gold tone bangles, a green stone ring, a gold animal skull necklace
and a feather ear cuff all thrifted mostly from my beloved Beacons Closet.

...can a coffee count as an accessory, too?
because I never really leave the house with mine.

plus, It also goes with everything ;)



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And the StyleMint week continues!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day two of Running In Wedges x Style Mint campaign-
I woke up bright and early with the sun creeping in on my cheek from the flag that hangs over my window.
I started brainstorming the styling for todays outfit while I hit my snoozed button one more time..
anyone else ever day dream about what they're going to wear to give yourself an excuse to say "5 more minutes" when you should really be up?

come on, I know I'm not the only one!

About This Look:

Since I was working this outfit around the forest green Mulholland T-shirt from Style Mint I wanted to keep the casual feel of a t-shirt by wearing my hair up. 
I added a relaxed trouser pant that adds a little attitude by being leather,
 loads of silver jewelry and red lips to add more subtle eye catchers 
and to pull the whole outfit together, tribal print wedges that compliment all colors in the look. 
(I'm really meticulous about colors. It's kinda a problem.. sorta like my coffee addiction.)

What I'm Wearing:
Forest green Mulholland t-shirt by Style Mint, Black leather trousers by Theory, Tribal wedges by ALDO, Brown furry sweater coat from a LA boutique, Necklaces thrifted/flea-markets, Rings passed down from my mom and gifted from Jewel Mint, Red lips by Smashbox.

StyleMint Discount!
Use my special promo code: "RUNNING" for 20% off your first T!
 first time buyers only.
Valid until 1/31/2012.



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