Some mornings you wake up and literally try on 20 outfits only to end up in all your favorite pieces. For me, getting dressed without the concept of “oh my god- this is going to be an outfit post” means you will always find me in 1. Leather 2. Vintage t-shirts 3. Flannels 4. Booties and 5. …More leather. And let’s not forgot, my favorite accessory, a coffee.
What I’m Wearing: Thrifted paper thin white tee | My moms/dads old flannel | Vintage leather from Salvation Army | Zara leather pants | Nine West booties | Thrifted rings | 10th Tribe beanie

While I know this isn’t the most flattering outfit or most put together outfit.. I feel that with blogging you don’t want to lose sight of your true style. So many blogs these days are walking advertisements for brands they would have never worn unless given to them. I am also guilty of doing the same- which is why making sure I keep it real with you guys is so important to me. Everything you see me wearing here I bought (okay, minus my rad hat but I totally would have bought it anyway) on my own- with my own money.. because I truly love and wanted these clothes. It’s important not to get blinded by all of this and make sure you don’t loose sight of your true style. I mean, that’s what got you blogging in the first place, right?

                                                                                                                                                                                            -Photographs by Nephilim C.


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    i definitely know what you mean, I’m tired of clicking on a blog and it looking like one big advertisement….i love your style and I’m glad that you have stayed true to it :)
    brooke @ what2wear

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    I agree, I would probably never turn down a freebie, and you’d presume that they’d send you stuff in your style, but there’s something more authentic about an item that you’ve parted with money for. amazing photos once again!

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    I totally agree with the whole blogs not being original sometimes because they are gifted so much!! It’s sad when it doesn’t reflect their personal style at all :(
    This outfit is lovely, definitely a girl after my own heart with the layers of sometimes whatever you can find :)



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    Blogging should definitely be about self expression and not just what companies give you. SO many blogs make it to the top by accepting EVERY item the company gives them. So this is why we should think about what is most important, originality and dignity or racing to the top.
    I love your outfit, it’s so…you!
    xoxo Debby

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    I agree completely. I feel some of my favorite bloggers have really lost sight of why they started blogging and why people started following them. I have nothing against accepting gifts from companies as long as the blogger’s personality continues to shine through.


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    I agree as well. I don’t want to loose myself so I have turned down some offers because it is just simply not me.. I love the clothes

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    This is such an important message and I wish everyone thought this way.. I’ve turned down my ONLY offers because they don’t suit me personally, and though it sucks, I felt it wouldn’t be fair to my readers. SO I concur 100%! I love your style and this outfit :)

    ‎xo Ashley

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    I really appreciate the commentary for this post that you made on staying true to ones self which I feel s very important especially as a blogger so that you don’t confuse your readers.i found that I had to rediscover who I was as well as a free spirited individual for personal style because dressing and shopping became confusing and often stressful; like you want to always make a good impression to your followers but also stay current to trends can be exhausting. I feel it’s important to be fashionable by being inspired and then recreating it to be our own because that defines us as creative individuals. Thank you for that uplifting motivation, you always inspire me so keep up the good work!

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