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Nightgowns and bathrobes

archive, stylenicolealyse

I think on my blog there are many patterns you've probably caught onto by now.. like how there is always a coffee glued to my hand, how I'm pretty much never seen without some type of hat (I promise I'm not bald or something guys- I just really like hats!), how my nails and lips stray away from a fire engine red every now and then.. but always come right back to the classic, how 90% of the time I am in earth tones.. and most importantly, how I pretty much always look super comfortable. I keep these things consistent because this is a personal style blog, and these are serious factors that make me who I am and my style what it is.

When thrifting, a favorite section of mine has always been sleepwear. That may sound kinda gross to some, and to each their own, but I find the perfect little dress slips that make the perfect summer minis in there and huge oversized sweaters that employees often mistaken for bathrobes.. and rightfully so. I mean, look at me. The key in pulling off wearing these things and not totally looking like you rolled out of bed is what you pair with it. Accessories can really make or break an outfit. Adding a belt, some rad jewels, detailed tights, a big ol' hat, and a great bag are all ways to pretty much distract from the fact you're the most comfortable girl in New York City right now and probably paid less than $15 for your outfit. Shhhh.

What I'm Wearing: Thrifted slip and oversized sweater | Vintage Chanel bag from Shop Wasteland | Jeffrey Campbell booties from LF stores | Vanessa Mooney necklace | Vintage hat | Hanes Hosiery tights

It's funny, when people ask me who inspired my style it's a given that it was my mother and father. A rock and roll front man meets a gypsy.. and you have me, in a nutshell. I tend to leave this out, pretty much for the soul fact I'd sound like a crazy person.. but hey, it's thursday..let's get crazy. So growing up during the most influential years of being a teen I remember tons of celeb gossip magazines always coming into my moms hair salon. I use to love flipping through each page. I found such honest style inspiration from them, as odd as that sounds. It was something about seeing what these people were wearing on their off days (and some pretty bad days) - you know, not photoshopped.. not styled.. not on TV. Just real. In some strange way, it was almost the pre street style. I can recall automatically swooning over the snap shots of Mary Kate and Ashley, Rachel Zoe, and Nicole Richie. I guess it's pretty obvious I have a thing for blondes, no? I remember ripping out my favorite photos of what they were wearing and that inspiring me when going thrifting. It's crazy, but I can honestly say that being that 15 year old girl seeing them running around in photos, grabbing coffee in the city, wearing these oversized sweaters and what not must have had it's effect on me. Unfortunately, I managed to walk away with the Olsen Twins bad posture and no ones paper thin bod. SUCH A BUMMER.

Have a good weekend guys! xo
                                                                                                                                                                                            -Photographs by Nephilim C.