NYFW: Day 2 – Nanette Lepore

I have such love/hate relationship with New York Fashion Week. I love seeing the new collections, working with new brands, and getting to see fellow blogger friends from other states all together in one place. What I don’t care for is the people who use fashion week as a reason to dress crazy. Like, calmmmmmm down. Put your cat ears, 100 pound fur coat, and 10 feet tall shoes away. This is about the designers, not about getting your photo snapped for a street style blog you never heard of. My rule for fashion week is if you wouldn’t wear it out normally, don’t wear it to a show. I’d rather have a true style than an obnoxious false image. With that being said, I do think fashion week is a time to tweak your day to day look- maybe adding something a drop more bold but still not over the top. Or a great excuse to wear some of your favorite designer pieces. You know, like the $600 Alexander Wang heels you bought to basically sit on your shelf in your apartment because let’s face it, you’re not going to wear them on the subway and running to work often… but you can for sure pull them out for fashion week! Amen? Amen.
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Harley tee and hat | BDG bells | Vintage snake skin purse | Rings by K/LLER COLLECTION and BesoBeso By LUKA
On this morning I had to be at Lincoln Center for Nanette Lepore’s 11am show. Truth be told- only fashion week can get me out of bed that early to get ready, get my butt from Brooklyn to the upper West Side, and then of course leave a little extra time for the long line at Starbucks and to be able to snap a few outfit photos before having to run into the show. 

I thought the show was excellent- for sure as few pieces I’d love to add to my collection. Nanette Lepore never struck me as really “my style”, but it’s all about how to take a piece and style it to make it your style. What are your thoughts on the show/collection?
As the week moves forward, I will wrap up with these NYFW posts. I’m sure you all are so over the amount you see on the web! So promise, I will be back to normal posting soon! xo
-Photographs by Nephilim C.

8 thoughts on “NYFW: Day 2 – Nanette Lepore”

  1. id have to agree here but it is kind of fun to wear those pieces (like the wang heels) that you have been hoarding all season haha LOVEEEE those bell bottoms :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  2. I hear ya sister and well said. I used to do the whole London Fashion Week circuit thing and used to think exactly the same. You look awesome and those bells are to die for love the colour xo

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