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Casual Monday.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday mean back to work. Back to work means you wish it was still the weekend. For me, Mondays are always the day you want to make a good impression and set the tone for your week with a good outfit, but more importantly, a comfortable one. Since on a Monday morning you usually have to double up the cups of coffee you intake before 9am, you want cozy, not-so-noticeable, elements to be mixed in your outfit.

To break down this outfit, I'll start my way from the bottom and work my way up. A classic black boot with a heel is a Monday must. It gives you the high-heel presence, without the high-heel pain. A skirt is obvious office wear, but the gray tones and cashmere fabric keeps the cozy vibes going. For my top, instead of going for a vintage tee, I opted for the next best thing: a semi sheer, loose cut tank with Joy Division's iconic artwork on it. It looks much more put together than one of my ripped up tees. I topped the outfit off with a light jacket. The draping really pulls the whole outfit together.. well, that, anddd my nerd-chic glasses. Added to make it look like I'm hard at work and not still day dreaming about Saturday nights adventures... which i am. duh.

Wearing: Latte-black for Santa Fe NYC jacket | Blackheart topQuinn cashmere skirt Vint and York glasses | BC Footwear leather booties 



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  3. love the outfit



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