One of my new years resolutions was to start trying more hairstyles. I’m not talking anything too crazy here guys, I just want to start using more hair tools and switching things up here and there! And what better time to put my resolution into play than on my birthday?! (New years resolution for my new year of life!)

Since my bangs are too long to wear down right now, I wanted to try a little half up-half down look. First I used a little dry shampoo so my hair had a bit more volume when going to tie it up. Next I sectioned the top part of my hair and tied it up like I would a top knot, just a mini one! Since my hair is short the bun isn’t very full on it’s own, so I used a few bobby pins to secure a few sections of it to the rest of my head.

Now for the curls! I just got this Bed Head Curlipops Reverse Tapered Styling Iron so I was really anxious to use it. This iron really helps creates luscious curls that are little in the middle and fuller at the bottom but since I didn’t want my hair to have too much curl (I prefer a looser-messy bed head curl) I just used it lightly over my day 2 or 3 hair. My hair always curls better on day 2 or 3!

After making my way around my head with the iron, I ran my fingers through the curls to  really loosen them up! Since this was my first time using this iron, I have to say I really loved the light loose curls it allowed me to create. It added the perfect amount of volume to compliment my little top bun!


Key features include: 1” reverse tapered barrel, Tourmaline ceramic technology for frizz-free hair (umm.. yes please!),  Clamp free wrap and go design, High heat and rapid heat recovery, Dual voltage for world wide use, and comes with a heat protective glove… which is amazing if you’re like me and have burnt yourself a few too many times curling your hair! haha