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The Film Files.

The Film Files is a series of current blog posts documenting present photographs captured through my camera lens.

I dug into my vault of past photographs (2006-2011)
They were featured on  Jeffrey Campbells blog.
You can view them HERE..
or scroll down ;)

Everyone who knows me knows I am passionate about a handful of things:
thrifting, ice coffee, the beach, the bigger the shoe- the better, and disposable cameras.
Since my younger years I have been attached to them.
I am not a photographer. I just simply love to document my friends, my style, my adventure’s.. my life.
I have traveled across country and overseas, all with my disposable camera.
Documented wild nights and quiet days, all with my disposable camera.
I think the charm in these cameras comes from the fact you have one chance to really get your shot right.
There’s no “view-delete- take over 500 times” option.
Most importantly, in such a digital age, it’s a rare but wonderful thing to be holding actual photographs in your hand
and not just looking at them on a computer screen.
I dove into my volt of photographs from the past few years to share with you guys some of my favorites..
My Litas- Low East Side. New York, New York.
Nix Mione. Model. Mid shoot.Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Jac Vanek. Music Festival (Slam Dunk) Leeds, England.
Blogger, Rachel Schwartzmann, and her Jeffrey Campbells.
Heidi Gaudt. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
666. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Christopher Petosino. The Chance. Poughkeepsie, New York.
Kyle Hartland. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Jac Vanek and Crystal Lauderdale. Outside a venue in London, England.
Tina Stryzakowski. Bar Matchless. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Katie Rose. The Woods. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Dave Carlson. Angles and Kings. New York, New York.
Victoria Asher. 6am at some rave after a venue. Leeds, England.
666. Soho. New York City.
Blogger, Christina Caradona. Parlor. Soho. NYC.
Model, Rachel Lynch. Hudson Hotel. NYC.
Blogger, Kadeem Johnson. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Model, Nix Mione. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Denis Lipari. Manhattan cab ride.
Tyler Gurwicz. Hotel room in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Lauren Kathe. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Dangerous. Juliet. New York City.
Cheers. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Christina Ciminello. New York City.
Ryan Kienle. Forth of July. Poughkeepsie, New York.
Random old man. Leeds, England.
Sean Gorse. The Hamptons.
Joshua Withenshaw. Forth of July. Poughkeepsie, New York.
Bartender. Bar 4. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Teha, Heidi, and Jessica. Bar Matchless. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Yours truly- but not proudly. Bar Matchless. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Nicole Surawski. Summer Screen. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
“I Can’t afford to love New York” – Heidi Gaudt. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Amy Anton. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Nix Mione. Shooting. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Parlor. Soho. NYC.
View of Manhattan.
Model, Heidi Gaudt. Mid shoot. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Christina Ciminello. Fat Baby. Lower East Side.
Abimbola Fernandez. Tattoo shop in Portsmouth, England.
Flight to San Fran.
San Francisco.
Cabot Bramhall and I. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Cahleigh Sereda. Goshen, New York.
Amoeba. The Haight. San Fran.
Friends at The Woods. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
“Escape from New York” – San Fran.
Justine DeMartine. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Joshua Withenshaw. LES. New York City.
Stormville Flea Market.
Somewhere along the trip from New York to California.
Somewhere along the trip from New York to California.
Blogger, Kadeem Johnson. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Heidi Gaudt. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Jessica Wolford. The Woods. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Photographer, Rog Walker and blogger, Kadeem Johnson. Shooting at PACE college.
View from Williamsburg water front.
Singing men. Soho. New York.
Lauren Kathe. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Dancers. Coney Island.
Matt. The Woods. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Inside some gypsys apartment. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Somewhere along the road from New York to California.
Spinning records. San Fran.
Joshua Withenshaw. Holiday Inn. Upstate New York.
Cahleigh Sereda. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
John Tuck. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Gregory Moore. McCarren Park. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Blogger, Kadeem Johnson. Low East Side.
Nicole Surawski. Thrift shopping. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Amen. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Myself. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Kadeem Johnson. Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Cabot Bramhall. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Shooting model, Rachel Lynch, wearing my designed jacket in The Hudson Hotel.
Heidi Gaudt. Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.
Nathen McVittie. Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Lady Linda. Bar Matchless. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Emily Dirienzo. Coney Island.
Document everything.
xx, nicole alyse.

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