When it comes to buying designer bags, or basically designer anything, I only buy “vintage.” I use the term “vintage” very loosely in this sense. So what I really mean is basically anything from 3-4 seasons back and beyond is in my safe-to-buy zone. You will never see me run to the nearest Gucci store and buy the most current bag everyone is wearing on Instagram.. not because I don’t like it, or that it’s too expensive, but because it’s a poor investment. When I buy something I want to love it because I love it, not because the internet does for a hot second. Not to mention, after a month of everyone seeing whatever “it bag” all over their feed and the next “it bag” is out, you’re not even going to want to wear it anymore.. and what a waste that will be!

Now let me explain to you my how I went about my recent designer purchase process.. but first let’s rewind time: it’s Spring, 2016, and Chanel just dropped their new collection. I sit in my office, drooling over each piece as I scroll down one photo at a time. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks- THE CHANEL DENIM BACKPACK. My heart stops and I immediately check my bank account and wonder if my boyfriend would notice the nearly 4k missing from our account. “Don’t do it, Nicole” my brain whispered.. well aware of my designer purchasing rules, I had to go with my brain on this one. Since that spring of 2016, I had tried to hunt down that very bag on every designer resale site with little to no luck.

Now fast forward to December 2017: While reading a fellow fashion bloggers post, I discovered StockX (basically the first stock market for all the cool stuff you ever wanted to buy or are ready to sell.) When I saw that they sold handbags, I mustered up whatever hope was left in me for finding that Chanel denim backpack and opened up a new tab.

HOL* SH*T!@$#$%#$%#% There. It. Was. 

After two years of searching, I finally found it. The site, StockX, offered two ways of purchasing: “Buy Now” or “Place a bid” – while I love the idea of bidding, I was not ready to fool around with losing this bag, so in one quick click, I purchased the bag of my dreams.

With super fast shipping, the bag was at my door in a couple of days. I opened the box and was over-the-top thrilled with my purchase and their service. It had the original Chanel dust bag, Chanel card, barcode, and an additional proof of authentication from the site. It was spotless and exactly as the photo shown! Obviously you know the rest of the story. I put the bag on and danced around my office, while checking myself out in the mirror every few seconds. No shame.So whether you are trying to find that bag that got away, or just looking for a designer bag at a discounted price, let StockX help sooth your shopping needs. With a catalog of more than 11,000 handbags that are all 100% authentic and in excellent condition, you can not go wrong. Happy shopping my babes!