During the winter months I always find myself reaching for a blow dryer after my shower. While I usually let my hair air dry in the summer, I just can’t take having wet hair in the cold! This is where my new Pump Up The Volume Dryer comes into play!

Since my bangs naturally dry first, I always grab my dryer to get them done right away. I use the concentrator attachment and a round brush to style and create the perfect bangs! This tool has an adjustable volume dial that helps to add lift and volume to the root, which is something I always need! Try hitting the “Cool shot” button when you’re finished to set your finished look.

I take the attachment off to dry the rest of my hair, but I only dry about half of my head and let the other half naturally dry if I’m going to do my usual beach wave look. If I was going to do my hair straight, I would continue to blow dry until my hair was fully dry.

I’ve used a lot of dryers in my life, and I am (literally) blown away by this one. Pump Up The Volume not only dries hair quickly, but boosts shine, helps reduce frizz and the appearance of split ends. This is just one more Bed Head product that’s slowly taking over my entire list of favorite hair tools!