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Since adopting a vegan diet, one thing I’ve been splurging on when food shopping is the frozen vegan pizzas (usually Daiya or Amy’s). These usually run anywhere from $10-14. I wanted to figure out a more cost and health affective (no preservatives) alternative than buying those. While food shopping this week I grabbed these 100 calorie, multi grain with flax, flatbreads (package of 6) for a few bucks by Fit & Active. They’re marked as wraps, but one of the photos on the package was of a pizza, so a lightbulb went off in my stomach and pulled out my package of Daiya pepper jack shredded cheese, and got to making a personal pizza (yes, that means this was ALL mine!) 


  • Preheat oven to 350-400
  • Put a little bit of oil down on the baking pan before laying the flatbread down
  • Also add a drop of oil and spread it on the flatbread along with desired spices before adding your toppings. I added pepper, red pepper, and some zesty salt!
  • Spread the Daiya cheese over the flatbread
  • Add slice fresh tomatoes over the cheese
  • Add toppings! This is the best part. You basically have a never ending list of pizzas you can now make. I went with fresh garlic and onions! Next I may try adding a vegan meat sub, like vegan buffalo chicken!
  • Let cook for 15-20 mins. I didn’t know I would be sharing this here on my blog, so I wasn’t keeping track of the time. I’d suggest checking it at the 10 min mark and the 15 min mark.
  • Let cool and enjoy!